20 February 2019 Blog Post: 5 P's to take in case of Evacuation

A patient reminded me yesterday of the “5 Ps” to take in case of an evacuation which, unfortunately for Southern California, has become more commonplace. So before evacuating remember:
1. People and Pets (and other livestock if possible)
2. Papers (Important documents such as drivers license or passport, insurance, titles to property)
3. Prescriptions (Pills and eyeglasses)
4. Pictures (Irreplaceable memories)
5. Personal Computer
If, in an evacuation or just in day to day life, you happen to forget prescription medications, remember that at Santa Monica Primary Care, we do all electronic prescribing and can send any prescription medications you may have forgotten to a nearby pharmacy.

𝗦𝗢𝗴𝗻 𝗨𝗽 𝗳𝗼𝗿 π—’π˜‚π—Ώ π—‘π—²π˜„π˜€π—Ήπ—²π˜π˜π—²π—Ώ

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