21 January 2021 Post: Answering some questions on our website

I received the following question on our website (drbretsky.com). I thought it was worth posting.

Question: Will the new Executive Order by Chair of LA County Board of Supervisors Hilda Solis, ordering LA County to make Covid -19 vaccinations available to residents over 65, starting January 21st, speed up vaccines arriving at medical groups, like Dr. Bretsky’s office? I am trying to avoid pharmacies and the Stadiums!

My Answer: The Executive Order widening criteria of who is eligible for vaccination did not come with a request or mandate to increase vaccine supply. So, in essence, it is an empty gesture. At the writing, the County of Los Angeles has unilaterally decided to provide vaccines through 5 sites - each of which at maximum capacity will vaccine 4,000 patients a day. Because the vaccine is a two dose series, it will take the County 2.7 years to vaccinate the 10 million residences of the County. There has been no additional allocation to individual physician's offices (ours has been State and CDC certified since December 17th, 2020) or health systems (can refer to recent statements by Providence and UCLA Health).
Dr. Philip Brestky

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