31 March 2020 Blog Post: COVID-19 Update - Santa Monica Primary Care Experience

At this writing, we have a COVID-19 prevalence rate of 13.6% among the samples that we have tested. Our first positive sample was obtained on 3/18/20.
Our daily prevalence rate peaked on 3/25/20 with 15.5% of tested samples returning a positive result. Shelter in place in California began Thursday night, 3/19/20.
The only worrisome bit of data that I see is the percentage of total positive cases that our clinic accounts for in Santa Monica. We currently account for 8.5% of all positive tests in our community. If positive test results were distributed equally across providers, that would lead to us taking care of 7,855 Santa Monica residents. As a solo physician practice such a census is physically impossible.
What this indicates is that far more testing needs to be done in our community. Specifically large outpatient provider groups are lagging. We all need to be doing our part in case identification, contact tracing and emphasis of quarantine / physical distancing.

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