3 March 2019 Blog Post: Recall on Blood Pressure Medication

3 March 2019 Blog Post: Recall on Blood Pressure Medications

Our patients Santa Monica Primary Care should be aware of a now expanding recall of blood pressure medications to include Losartan. If you are affected, please call us at 310.828.4411 so we can prescribe a (safe) alternative.

Announced Feb 28th, Camber Pharmaceuticals has recalled 87 lots of Losartan Tablets USP 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg due to the presence of NMBA (see my previous ‘rocket fuel’ post for details of this carcinogen).

The identifying NDC numbers associated with Camber’s product as are follows: Losartan 25 mg 31722-700-90, 31722-700-05, 31722-700-10; Losartan 50 mg 31722-701-30, 31722-701-90, 31722-70-10; and Losartan 100 mg 31722-702-30, 31722-702-90, and 31722-702-10.

Further details can be found on the FDA website and in the article posted below.

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