Los Angeles County continues to (dubiously) seek higher and higher ground when it comes to COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates

May be an image of text that says 'Smoothed Daily Incident Case Rate (per 100,000 population) of SARS-CoV2 Los Angeles County, California Source data: http:/lasaboad.ubicealt.la.ounty 125 Rale 100 75 50 90.32 54.85 44.16 32.00 22.40 Incidence Daily 25 0.4):225.6.99 Mean 3/10/2020 3/312020 4/212020 5/12/2020 o 6/2/2020 623/2020 7/14/2020 8/4/2020 8/25/2020 9/15/2020 10/6/2020 10/27/2020 11/17/2020 12/8/2020 Reporting Week Ending (Date)'

This week, we have 3.7 times more cases than we did over the summer. Mortality rates reached a new high at 0.53 daily deaths per 100,000 population – the previous maximum was 0.44 in late July.

Not sure there is any good news here as the County reported significant delays and backlogs in testing. Although the slope of this week’s curve flattens slightly compared to the week prior, it may simply be due to under-reporting.

Hospitals and ICUs are swamped. And yet another round of holiday travel is upon us.

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