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Dr. Bretsky and Santa Monica Primary Care provide a comprehensive range of services that put our patients on a path to optimize their overall health. Our emphasis is on prevention of chronic conditions but we also care for more acute illnesses as well. We offer our patients annual wellness exams, acute and chronic illness management, preventive and diagnostic skin procedures, cardiac stress testing, in-office ultrasounds, sports physicals, travel medicine, and vaccines. We believe that patients should be able to center their care around our office, which is why we offer extensive services in-house.

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Everything you need to stay healthy and well in mind, body & spirit.

At Santa Monica Primary Care, we offer a variety of cost-effective services and medical consultative care. Each treatment plan and therapy is customized to the needs, risk profile and lifestyle of our patients.

Cancer Screening

In the office we offer fecal immunohistochemical testing (FIT) through using Polymedco test kits. These are package with self-addressed stamped envelope so the sample can be collected at home and sent back to the office. Because FIT is more convenient than other methods of colon and rectal cancer screening, it may have higher adherence. Individual patient preference, test safety, convenience, and cost are all factors we consider in discussion of which screening test among those recommended by guidelines groups is preferred is preferred by specific patient.

Screening for Cardiovascular Disease

There are number of different screening test available and include both imaging test as a well as "stress" test. In general, if a patient can exercise, it is best to have them exercise rather than to perform a pharmacologic stress test. For those who are unable to exercise, stress radionuclide myocardial perfusion imaging can be performed. Additionally, there are imaging test that can be used as adjuncts to stress test modalities.

Sick Visits

Sometimes you just don't feel well. For patients that have come down with an acute illness of a flare up of a chronic condition, we make every effort to schedule a timely appointment. Some of the most common sick visits we see are for: 1. Cough and Colds 2. COVID-19 exposure 3. Fever 4. Flu or Flu like symptoms 5. Headaches and Migraine 6. Sprains and Strains 7. Motor Vehicle Accident 8. Bronchitis or Asthma Exacerbation 9. Sinusitis or Worsening Chronic Sinus Congestion 10. Allergies (environmental or food) 11. Urinary Tract Infection 12. Diarrhea or Food Poisoning 13. Lacerations and Need for Sutures 14. Skin Infections

Consultative Medicine & Being The "Quarterback" of Clinical Care

Internist are often asked to evaluate a patient prior to surgery. The medical consultant maybe seeing the patient at the request of the surgeon, or may be primary car clinician assessing the patient prior to consideration of a surgical referral.


Generic Screening

Genetic screening and testing refers to any modality that determines an individual’s DNA “blueprint” along with any variation from a determined reference sequence or code. Understanding one’s genetics and any variations that are present can allow for tailored interventions to prevent or treat disease or disease complications. Appropriate use of genetic testing, including understanding the limitations and challenges of available testing approaches, is crucial to the successful use of genetic testing in improving health and quality of life.

Stem Cell

Ambrose Cell Therapy approach and cycle of care is personalized towards each patient's goals and improved function, symptoms and quality of life. Cell Therapy is done in same-day, single outpatient procedure and includes tissue harvesting, cell preparation and cell delivery strategy uniquely developed with patient's goal and mind.


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