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Dr. Bretsky and Santa Monica Primary Care provide a comprehensive range of services that put our patients on a path to optimize their overall health. Our emphasis is on prevention of chronic conditions but we also care for more acute illnesses as well. We offer our patients annual wellness exams, acute and chronic illness management, preventive and diagnostic skin procedures, cardiac stress testing, in-office ultrasounds, sports physicals, travel medicine, and vaccines. We believe that patients should be able to center their care around our office, which is why we offer extensive services in-house.

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Everything you need to stay healthy and well in mind, body & spirit.

At Santa Monica Primary Care, we offer a variety of cost-effective services and medical consultative care. Each treatment plan and therapy is customized to the needs, risk profile and lifestyle of our patients.


Primary Care

We provide coordinated care and treatment for our patients of all ages. We follow the fundamental tenets of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) which is the care of patients using the best available research evidence to guide clinical decision making. This allows us to be your partners in health. For most medical needs, your primary care doctor is often the best medical professional to treat both you and your family. We subdivide our clinical approach into four major types of preventive care: immunizations, screening, behavioral counseling, and chemoprevention.

Annual Physicals

While there are no uniformly accepted guidelines for an optimal frequency of period office visits, we typically frame screening and preventive evaluation as an "annual physical." This visit and exam helps a physician determine the overall status of your health. During the exam, you can discuss both new and old conditions or health concerns. Studies have shown that preventive counseling and services are more likely to be discussed and delivered when patients have an established relationship with an identified physician. Those with acute or chronic conditions may need to see a primary care doctor more regularly or visit a specialist to manage your care.

Acute Care Graphic

Acute Care

We typically associate the need for acute care with an Emergency Department of Urgent Care. While certain conditions would warrant a visit to one these locations - trauma, asthma exacerbation or myocardial infarction - some of these issues can also be addressed in our clinic. We perform basic laceration repair and suturing in the office along with breathing treatments, intramuscular antibiotic administration and can send out both wound and urine cultures. With COVID-19 we have also been providing antigen and PCR testing at our office location. If an issue cannot be properly addressed in our clinic, we work with several local Urgent Care and Emergency Departments and can coordinate your care with them

Chronic Conditions

At Santa Monica Care we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of evidence-based care for any and all long-term health conditions. Multiple chronic conditions are increasingly common and, in the United States, about one in four adults have at least two chronic conditions. This greatly increases the complexity of managing disease in patients. Patients with multimorbidity experience frequent clinical encounters, often with multiple providers representing different disciplines across many health care settings (including outpatient, inpatient, emergency department, long-term or rehabilitation facilities, and in-home care). Our goal at Santa Monica Primary Care is to provide a consistent voice, presence and resource across this complex landscape.


Skin Care

Starting with a thorough diagnostic skin exam, doctors at Santa Monica Primary Care are able to accurately detect skin conditions ranging from a basic skin rash to lupus and skin cancer. We do perform basic removal and biopsies of skin rashes, moles and cysts all of which are sent to Pathology for further analysis. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for skin conditions and so we work to provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient. We also collaborate with a world-class group of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery experts who have access to laser and other cutting edge therapeutics.

Travel Medicine

A pre-travel evaluation is one of the true joys of our clinical practice at Santa Monica Primary Care. In addition to sharing your excitement about your destination(s), we also provide advice about the risks geographic-specific infections, any appropriate immunizations, and prophylaxis against travelers' diarrhea and malaria. The primary care office is a perfect location for this visit for several reasons. First, specific traveler characteristics can influence the chances of acquiring various infections. Secondly, a patient's chronic conditions also need to be addressed and maintained during travel. Lastly, some travel related medication and vaccines may be included in your insurance benefits - but most travel clinics do not accept commercial insurance plans. Seeing us at Santa Monica Primary care is a more comprehensive and cost-effective visit.



At Santa Monica Primary care, we understand that asthma symptoms can have a huge effect on your daily life. We provide comprehensive diagnostic services to identify asthma, its triggers and any associated allergies. We help you achieve the two primary goals of asthma management: achieving good control of asthma-related symptoms and minimizing future risk of exacerbations, diminished lung capacity and adverse effects of medications.  We work with you to develop a plan for managing your asthma, including when and how to use medicines, avoid triggers and create a safe environment.

Women's Health

Traditionally, Women's Health has included domains such as contraceptive counseling, cervical cancer screening and breast health. While these remain key pillars of any comprehensive care plan, we provide additional emphasis on cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death in women and, for which, there are a number of risks unique to women. We provide care that includes :
-Well Women Visits
-Breast Cancer Screening and Mammogram Referral
-Coordination with OB/GYN for Pre-conception Counseling
-Peri-menopause and Post-menopause Hormone Evaluations
-Osteoporosis Evaluation and Treatment
-Evaluation of Recurrent Simple Cystitis



During your annual visit, we will discuss suggested immunizations and the rationale behind such. Most vaccinations induce active immunity by promoting the development of antibodies, a response which is expected to be durable (years to decades to lifetime). The development of this immune response sometimes causes local or systemic reactions but, generally speaking, most vaccines cause only minor side effects. At Santa Monica Primary Care, we retain an electronic record of your vaccination history and can provide this for you for school admission or travel (WHO Yellow Card). We also participate in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR).

Thyroid Conditions

If you have a nodule that is producing too much thyroid hormone or you have a multinodular growth (multiple nodules), radioactive iodine may help shrink the growth. You typically take the medicine one time by mouth. The treatment is safe in general, but pregnant women should not take it because it may damage the developing fetus. But, Surgical removal is also an option for noncancerous thyroid nodules if they cause problems with swallowing or breathing.


Weight Management Counseling

At Santa Monica Primary Care, we partner with you to develop a lifelong plan for weight loss and healthy living, offering long-term support and medical expertise to make weight loss possible. Weight loss solutions range from nutritional counseling, cooking classes and fitness programs, to advanced medical weight management guided by our bariatric surgeons. If you choose to consult our bariatric clinics, options for medical weight loss can include prescription medications or customized programs where we closely monitor your progress and assess your progress toward better health.

Multiple Chronic Bacterias

Providers across the Santa Monica Primary Care system work together to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of chronic conditions. Your treatment program often includes a team of providers who address different aspects of your care. Because taking multiple medications can result in side effects from drug interactions. At here, we provide a number of checkpoints to ensure your medicine regimen is safe, including medicine assessments and medication management.


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